Modern Jive Dance Club


Modern Jive Dance Club

The ONLY, ALL INCLUSIVE Entertainment Packages,
from 1 Professional company. Modern Jive Dance Club.
Dance Lessons: Wedding/Social, DJ-Lighting and Interactive Dance Entertainment to move your crowd!
"We do things right, while having fun and ensuring a memorable experience for our dear clients" Lezelle Pretorius.

For 30 years, we have made learning to dance fun, easy and relaxed with hundreds of classes across the globe.  
Our International affiliation with the world's biggest Modern Jive Dance Club gives us the edge. We'll make sure you will have lots of fun, putting what you'll learn into practice on the dance floor, very soon.  

What is Modern Jive?  A stylish blend of Jive, Dirty Dancing and Latin.  Modern Jive can be danced to any music with a steady beat, from 40's Swing to Modern Chart hits. Sokkie with added spice and Line Dancing is also part of our repertoire.
 Modern Jive is EASY to learn, lots of FUN and extremely SOCIAL, ANYONE can do Modern Jive, anywhere, anytime and anyplace!

It is the DANCE for EVERYONE! Our classes are suitable for both experienced dancers, as well as complete beginners, and you are welcome to come on your own!