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The Thermomix ® replaces over 12 appliances in 1. From beginners to experienced chefs, the Thermomix ® is the extra pair of hands needed in any kitchen. It enables all to save time, save money and cook healthier meals whilst allowing creativity to be fully enhanced with cooking that is easy and fun. 

The concept of Thermomix ® is based on a perfectly complimentary combination of sophisticated, intelligent technology and a wealth of recipes tailored to the Thermomix ®. You can now call up recipes directly on your Thermomix food processor with our Recipe Chips, which let you see the recipe on the touchscreen as you cook, it also guides you step by step.

Thermomix ® quantities, recipes and meals can be adapted to suit everyones lifestyle. From large families cooking the whole meal on layered levels, up to 5 litres of food can be prepared in one go. The Thermomix ® is ideal to prepare nutritious, healthy meals with minimum fuss and hassle for busy individuals. Top chefs worldwide are loving their Thermomixes as they whip up gourmet dishes consistently.