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"Your brand is in essence, your point-of-view. The more confident you are expressing your spin on things, the more likely you will make a positive first impression on your ideal clients. Take a few minutes to think about what your brand represents, and how you can embody it best with your dress and overall appearance. This means different things for different people by the way: just think of how a business consultant might dress compared to an edgy hair stylist. Blue highlights could garner praise at a high-end hair show, and rightly so—but it would probably not win over a Fortune 500 client. What would make you feel in integrity with the business you’ve created AND make your target market feel comfortable buying from you?

Young, trendy industries love creative expressions of dress, but even in these scenarios, it doesn’t always mean you have full license to let your “freak flag” fly. The key here is to give an impression that you are successful and confident in your area of expertise, whatever that may be. Do some research on successful people in your field, and keep an eye on the way they present themselves. It’s likely that they’ve taken their brand and their philosophy, and added their own, sophisticated spin on it" - Ali Brown

Professional Services:

>   Colour & Style Consultations

​>   Complete restyling (makeovers)

​>   Corporate coaching

>   Corporate workshops & Programmes

​>   Personal shopping

​>   Wardrobe restyling

>   STILED accessories

>   Makeup lessons, workshops

>   Professional Makeup